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I guess it’s been a fairly good amount of time (seven months to be exact) since I went gluten-free but I’m still having more glutenized slip-ups than I care to admit. It starts with a tightening in my abdomen, and before I know it, my stomach is bloated inches past my normal waistline and I know I’ve consumed something I shouldn’t have. The headaches may come on too, but those usually set in later. The few times I’ve had a significant amount of gluten by accident, I’ve broke out in a rash on the inside of my arms and back of my legs. 


The barbeque, the bar and dining out have been my biggest hazardous scenarios so far. But I’m social and live in southern California, with my family all the way back in Boston, so it’s hard to hole myself up in my own house to avoid any issues.  I think I just need to learn to ask more questions and be much more wary of what I might have though to be “safe” foods, being contaminated. 


Just last week after my pilates class—I teach—I showered and swung by a local bar to meet up with friends as they watched the final Celtics/Lakers game. It amazed me to see the number of fans wearing green and Larry Bird jerseys FAR outweighing the number of Lakers fans despite being only two hours from Los Angeles. I cheered on my home team, and when someone brought out a crispy basket of steaming tater tots, I cheered even more. Anyone that knows me, knows I love my food.  

Tater tots bring me immediately back to school lunches, that used to be brought around to the classrooms in milk crates back in elementary school.  The same ones that my grandfather taught us how to skate with as we pushed them in front of us at the local rink. Fried potatoes? My stomach could handle that. Without much thought, I popped a couple in my mouth and then a couple more.  Before I knew it, the tightening in my stomach signaled the oncoming ballooning was upon me. I’d been glutenized! 


Right then, I conjured up all the ways it could have been contaminated, such as being fried along with other bread products.  I’m hoping eventually to develop the foresight to avoid these situations before digging in. Think before you eat–I need to develop that as my new moto. I’m learning my lessons and becoming more diligent at avoiding such mishaps…but boy were those crispy little tots tasty. J

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