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And this would be my first time blogging.  I know I’m behind the curve, especially for a writer.  I was also on the late bus to jump on to myspace.com and facebook.com, but I usually come around eventually. I never even read blogs until I started on a few gluten-free and book blogs a couple months ago. The goal of my blog is to tap into the younger generation of celiac/allergy sufferers–reaching beyond the well-practiced cooks and generous moms and dads lending their seasoned recipes to the cyber world.



I live on the other side of the country from my family and before my recent diet change I lived off of Trader Joes’ instant and tasty frozen meals without my mom’s home cooking readily available.  She’s one of those cooks who looks in a fridge and tosses anything available to form a deliciously satisfying meal.  And my dad–a recipe man–is an organic food guru and more adventurous in his tastes.  I considered myself a typical combo of the two.

Through living gluten-free I realized I could avoid my stomach looking like I was in my third trimester after eating certain foods and having to run to the bathroom after eating pancakes (my favorite weekend treat!). I decided to stick to my new diet, even if it meant having to navigate ingredient lists, dinners with friends and awkward stares at my glass of wine at local pubs. Through it I realized a deeper connection to my body I didn’t realize possible.  I learned to pay attention to the way my body felt and realized I had control over it by changing what I put into it.


I hope to post at least at the beginning of every week sharing my insights, recipes and experience learning to cook gluten-free, remove the new food group (chocolate) I added to my diet in place of breads and even dropping the 10 pounds I gained since my diagnosis. And dating gluten-free? I’m saving that until I perfect my pumpkin pecan gluten-free pancakes. 



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