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Sometime this winter I developed an obsession with eggs over easy or, as I have fondly coined them, runny, runny eggs.


“Please stop saying that. I’m not going to be able to finish my cinnamon swirl french toast,” said Cassie. My good friend and constant cheap breakfast companion sat across the table from me at IHOP pretending to gag at the thought of runny…runny eggs.


I smiled wickedly knowing I could gross her out and daydreaming about the plate that would soon be set before me. Dusted with salt, I loved that first break into the yolk and watching it puddle around my plate. Perfect for mopping every last bit of white up with it.


Cassie and I spent a good number of nights (yes, nights) at IHOP gossiping over hot chocolate and cheap breakfast treats. Sadly, on this occasion, my eggs were a bit runny all over. To get that perfect combination of cooked white and runny yellow I consider an art form.


I think my particular taste was honed from breakfasts at my grandmother’s house.  She had these little egg cups made specifically for hard boiled eggs that she’d dust with salt and chip the “hat” off the top of the shell with the side of her spoon.


I think I ate those eggs for the mere fact that they had their own neat little designated cups.  She also perfected eggs on toast as another breakfast staple.  I only liked the pieces of bread that were soggy from the yolk.


Of course now there’s no more bread for (I have not tried baking my own gluten-free bread but some day…!) so I experimented replacing that bread with polenta—my new discovery.  Needless to say, those yolks were runnin’ and I was smilin’.



2 organic eggs

1 roll of polenta

a handful of fresh spinach

1 tsp. of pesto

freshly grated parmesan cheese

salt to taste


Eggs over easy are actually a really quick breakfast and I made this before work one morning. I sliced two 1.5-inch slices of polenta and spread some homemade pesto on each slice. I topped each slice with some spinach and popped it in the microwave for about 30 seconds to heat up.


On the stove, I broke both eggs into a pan sprayed with olive oil. I cooked the eggs for about a minute and a half on one said and about 30 seconds on the other side to get them just how I like them.


I slid an egg onto each slice of polenta and sprinkled with salt and some parmesan cheese and let that yolk run…


Yum 🙂

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